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Outstanding Romanian company that offers consulting services and professional support in developing and managing internationally traded contemporary artwork. Our specialists offer advice and assistance in acquiring, selling or refining art collections.


Sense of style


Remarkable Sense of style, style the sense. Art is the sense, Art is style. Sesnse your experience, style the personnalities. The atlas of sense, the atlas of sytle. Art gallery for the exhibition of art, usually visual art. Paintings culptures, decorative arts, furniture, textiles, costumes, drawings, pastels, watercolors, collages, prints, artist's books, photographs, and installation art are also regularly shown. Visual art such as performance arts, music, poetry readings.Our experience in networking with galleries, auction houses, museums and art collectors enable long-term relationships, which are important in helping clients acquire art pieces or selling them in the best places and conditions.


The starting point: the definition of the art as the study "relationships between all the elements of a way of life." It a linguistic method to no language texts such as fashion or images. The sous-art will represent the gap of the misappropriation and the counter-discourses through the style. A distorted reflection of the sous-arts. The dimension of the provocation and nihilism.


An aesthetic that borrows, who draws on one side in a nihilistic rock and borrows a setting scene that refuses the label, and on the other, the preferred style of young people who live an "internal exodus."


The music will work as an attraction for many of the arts. An affinity with the art that has nothing to do with that artists will claim. Indeed, the social structure changes between the years, one that organizes popular communities, through a portion of the entry in contemporary capitalism and other emphasis of individualism (in the face of the family and to the Group). The figure is taken in this attempt of continuity with the past. The pen is accurate to describe the contradictions of artls movements.


Speech that is emerging, industry artlle, who took the juvenile art. The contre-art showed an indifference to the class. He proposed that "the escape" and a future of science fiction. The issue of gender identity that emerges, while she was off speech in previous arts. In fact, in the context of the speech, the collective expression is likely to be a manipulation.



The refraction of a speech by the master that does more, its transformation in the speech style and, finally, the advent of the "turning artl" sign in the fact that the arts are gradually becoming "languages".


Namely a change deep and without return of which did take a community, inter alia, in the new and continuing development of the media and the market context. a dominant discourse and its extinction in the market "recovery" that follows and individualism (individual expression gradually becomes a central requirement). The bankruptcy of the speech and his rocker in the speech style, almost anthropological transformation of the speech and expressions in the heart.


That style is complete, it is an expression in the field of the symbolic, that is probably not with the same relevance in the styles of the masters. "The art can be distinguished from the sous-arts by the shape explicitly political and ideological opposition to the dominant art by creating"alternative"institutions, the extension of the transition beyond phase. They do not offer an different , alternative discourse to the existing, as the contre-art have done, with the result that is vicious to re-establish another speech of the master if necessary...


Very clear on his option. He refuses any aesthetic reading styles artls. A challenge to the symbolic order stylistic ways. The rise of individualism that allows to understand the research of the difference that the arts are used.


The arts could be analyzed by a sociologist as the way to find a parental art dislocated. The same authenticity. The market of the artls signs, if not by the high in the case or by trade. It is quite notable as such.


His posture of semiologist, his absence of survey of stakeholders has been criticized. But I must say that it is in this very convincing registry and that it is probably not wrong to defend the idea that these arts called an interpreter. Decryption in the language. It provides knowledge on a stylistic and popular production. Missing possess such knowledge about the history of popular movements, their and those of others.


Of the art, what is left? Probably two elements: a 'philosophy' abolition of borders between amateurs and professionals, high and low art, and aesthetics and a few titles that have withstood time. There are probably several postures in the face of the movement. Empty usage of the cross will remain ambiguous, the valorization of the provocation, the view a little distanced and understanding an expression itself ironic, playful and producing a style.

The golden age, then in the period which leads us to today in the field more appeased the diversification of the popular and the art contemporary mediaarts Ridge.


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